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I'm Suraj Sharma and

Hello, my name is Suraj Sharma. I'm from Patna,India. Currently, I'm pursuing my bachelor's degree from RustamJi Institute Of Technology and studying Computer Science Engineering.I'm not a great programmer, but I love programming.

Some About my Abilities

It is the year of 2012 when I started blogging and along with blogging I learned web development. To rank my website on search engine I learned SEO and SEM. After becoming expert in SEO, I decided to teach SEO to people via Youtube. I started my Youtube channel on 2 Dec, 2016 and discontinue in June 2017. Then I took admission in Engineering college and started learning different programming languages and alogorithms. Now, I'm in 3rd Year.

WEB Development - 5 years of experience95%
SEO and SEM - 6 years of experience95%
App Development - 1 years of experience90%
Data Science - 6 Months of experience80%

Skills, I have

Unstopable learning
  • Web Development

    For Web Development, I use Django Framework (Python). Also, I know PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS3, BootStrap etc.

  • App Development

    In app development, I like to work with Flutter.Also, I have a good knowledge of JAVA.

  • SEO

    In SEO, I have deliver so many lectures on my own Youtube Channel (Tutorial Spot -- 43K SubscriberS). I have almost 6 years of experience on this field.

  • Digital Marketing

    SEO is just a part of Digital Marketing. But apart form SEO, there are many things like SMM, SEM, PPC,Affiliate Marketing, Content Marketing etc.

  • Data Science

    I like to play with data, whether it is raw or baked data. I have a good experience with data analysis and data cleaning.

  • Machine Learning

    It is my aim to mix AI and Web or App together. So that I can create a AI Based Website or App for people. I'm on the track. I hope I will acheive my aim soon.

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